Measure of a … Man?

For some reason I just had a vivd memory of our old yardstick.  I recall it being stored in the little closet in our porch (previously pantry), same place we used to keep the button can, and assorted other old odds and ends that we never needed, but never threw away.

In the same vein, I really have no idea why we, or anyone else for that matter, had a yardtick.  The only thing I remember using it for, other than to play with, was maybe when we made a pencil mark on the wall to measure our height, we’d use it to measure how tall we were.

I guess there was a time before the current style retractable tape measure, so maybe that was it. Mom always had the old fabric measuring tape too and that really seems more useful really.

The yardstick is still sold at Walmart though apparently, so I guess there’s a use for it.  It does make a good item for drawing straight lines!

Did you have one, or do you still? Any recollection of uses?