New Year’s Eve

Bluff Head Cove Pond

I’ve worked in the hotel industry, and have seen the posh black tie New Year’s Eve balls with the brass band followed by a fancy champagne breakfast.  And while that’s what many want and love, my New Year’s favorite was much simpler.

It may very well be a combination of trips that come together as one memory, but New Year’s Eve for me was best spent down at Randy’s and Everette’s cabin.  We all sat around the table, likely still wearing our skidoo suits because it was so cold, even with the old wood stove going behind us.  
The smell of a roast of moose cooking in the oven, covered in onions, a bottle or bottles on the table, and poker being played with the gang.  
The night I remember, while I can’t swear it was New Year’s Eve, we had been playing and all decided to go to bed.  It was bitterly cold that night, I remember warming my gloves on the atv’s exhaust trying to keep my hands warm.  Sometime after we had gone to bed, (And inceidentally, after a bottle of coke had frozen on the table), Shawn Avery and Rick Turley showed up, pretty hammered from what I remember, and got us all up again.  I think we’d probably have gotten up again anyway to relight the fire, it was soooo cold!
Sounds painful doesn’t it?  But it was a great time and memory.  
Happy New Year!