Old Christmas Day

Back when I was a kid I remember January 6th being called Old Christmas Day.  Noone seems to mention it much anymore, but curiosity got the better of me.

It seems the date is a holdover from the old Julian to Gregorian calendar change, where 10 days got chopped off (11 when it came to England years later).  Old Christmas Day then is the day Christmas would have been celebrated if the calendar hadn’t changed. The Eastern Orthodox churches (and perhaps others) still use January 6th. Its also the feast of Epiphany, though the feast days are more well know in the Catholic (and maybe Anglican?) churches than they are to me.

So much for the history lesson.  Practically the only thing I really remember about it as a “tradition” was that we always waited till then to take decorations down.  Was kind of the semi official end of Christmas.

I’ve also read traditions of some countries/cultures saying animals could talk on Christmas Eve, but I seem to recall our tradition being that they could talk on Old Christmas Day.

Anyone remember anything else? Leave a comment please, let me know you were here!