Random Memories

Just recalling some old stories and memories from back in the day… not long enough for a blog post on their own, but some may remember them

  • The Bank of Barry – It seemed in the early 90’s almost everyone on the upper end of the island owed Barry money, me included on occasion.  Wonder if he ever got paid it all!
  • Driving with Eric in his father’s old yellow station wagon (with wood paneling), picking up Boyd Rideout, and after coming around the tunnel, him saying that we were going so fast he could see the tail lights out the side window as the car bent!
  • Eric and I driving to Hants Harbour planning to call dad, cause he was always saying we’d be over there if there was a bridge across! Unfortunately we couldn’t find a pay phone there (was a Sunday when stores were still closed on Sundays).  We did call him from Whitbourne though! (Also, the number of amazing looking girls out walking in the small town of Cavendish that Sunday was unreal!).
  • Taking the ferry to Quebec and calling Lindy collect.
  • Three words “Oh shit, diesel!” the rest of the story and the participant will be left nameless to protect the less than innocent.
  • Tipping Dad’s atv over backwards on top of Eric and I when we first got it
  • “You tried that Dennis!” When Stan had been hit in the nether regions for the umpteenth time when playing road or ice hockey with whatever we were using for a puck
  • Playing hockey in the big ditch area by Gunther Krom’s.
  • Lorrie and Julie playing on the springing caterpillars or whatever they were in the Shoal Harbour playground at about 2am after leaving the playhouse.
  • “Peter, doors open, lights on” – We were stopped at a roadblock one night, and being nervous, I asked the cop if she wanted the light on when searching the car. That was Junior’s response.  She was laughing her butt off, of course that may have been partially cause Eric and Junior has been commenting on her butt.
  • Convincing Kendall that the white wrapped hay we saw on the farms was in fact marshmallows and that they grew that way and had to be sent away to be cut and packaged.
  • The Mr. Bean car Derek bought off Stephen, we drove that everywhere, up across banks and ditches and gardens.
  • Chevy Van!
  • Derek bought another car off Joe Baker. Had an accident in it near Ivan’s old place.  I think the story was he hit black ice in July, but knowing Derek he probably fell asleep.  The funny part though was Joe coming and seeing it and saying “She wasn’t like that when I had her”
  • Getting a speeding ticket in the old Corisca the day of David’s and Celeste’s wedding when Eric and Derek and Leanne had me drove nuts about the motor being gone.