Ah A Good Old Double Double

What? Coffee? No, I’m not talking about coffee.  I guess memory fails us all over time, because my memory of this seems muddled with the facts.  That said, its still interesting that in 1988, Newfoundland had double daylight savings time.  Personally I’d as soon abolish daylight savings time, or standard time and just keep it all the same all year, but this was even more out to lunch.  When the rest of North America sprung ahead an hour, we sprung ahead 2.

In some ways it was quite nice, we had daylight till nearly midnight, and it was great for playing sports, camping and barbecues.  But that time of year is also our nations hockey mad playoff time.  West coast games were late at the best of times, but can you imagine those with an extra hour added on, and overtime?  Lets say there were lots of sleepy heads some mornings at work and school.  And in the fall it was even worse as kids were going off to school while it was still dark in the morning.

Back to hockey, whats the second double? It refers of course to double overtime, but I can’t see any record of any that playoff season.  I had thought the Washington/New York Islanders game that went into the 4th overtime was that same year, but it was in 1987.  Age muddles the facts and makes things run together, but I guess the game just felt that long anyway!

Anyway, chalk it up to some of the uniqueness of living on the rock!