London Day 1

Well I made it to London.  Am here for the Monty Python reunion show, and doing lots of touristy things while I’m here.  Will try to post something every day for those interested, and some pictures, but internet seems slow so will post more of those when I get home.

Didn’t do/not doing a ton today, getting over the flight and lack of sleep, and need to get up at 3am Halifax time for my first day tour tomorrow.

Some highlights:

  • Air Canada’s flight has the most uncomfortable seats ever for a 6 hour flight when trying to sleep.
  • Walking through Heathrow made it feel like I walked to London!
  • Heathrow has the steepest escalator I’ve ever seen, and its LONG.  Its like going up the face of a cliff its so steep.
  • Train driver was overly apologetic when the express train was delayed beyond his control
  • Express train has great wi-fi! Called home on voip on it
  • In London first floor and ground floor aren’t the same thing
  • Byrons Burgers in the UK has the best burger I’ve ever had
  • Fish and Chips was cod!
  • Souveneir shop sales people REALLY want to help/make a sale
  • There are a ton of accents here, I think the British accent has been in a minority so far!
  • WTF are those road stripes that are all zig zags?
  • Driving on the left would take a lot of getting used to!

And a few pictures

Rathbon Street

Rathbon Street – Hotel is just around that corner


Taxi parked near the hotel

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Not quite a bean car

Not Quite a Mr. Bean Car


Ground, 1, 2… so the 5th is really the 6th!

Double Decker

Double Decker