The Afterglow

Maybe I heard it somewhere else, or maybe I can attribute it to me, but the recurring thought I’ve had since yesterday is: Some people are a candle, a flame burning brightly. I am not one of those, but I hope that the light illuminates me, and I gain something in the afterglow.

Many people have come and gone since the advent of social media, may celebrities, sports stars, and ordinary people have lost to their demons or just the normal part of life that is the ending, yet, for me at least, I’ve never seen an outpouring of sustained sadness from everyone, without dissent, that I’ve seen for Robin Williams since yesterday (and dissenters need not show up here and now).

I’m no celebrity expert, heck I’d not know most of them if the bit my ankles (which I’ve heard they are inclined to do). But Robin Williams was special, he had a gift, a gift to lift us, to make us smile, no matter how we felt. I don’t know anyone who didn’t find at least some of his material hysterical, and his ability to improvise was amazing.

Its unfortunate them that he had no soul that could lift him. We’ve all had our Robin’s in our lives, those whose demons became too much.  We are learning more about them every day. Support often seems hard to find, but it’s there, sometimes in the unlikeliest of places.

For what its worth, I’m here, for whoever.  I don’t have answers, I don’t have solutions, but maybe, just maybe, we can share a laugh, or a cry.

Rest in Peace all you flames, and those who you’ve illuminated.