Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Give me something good to eat

Not too big
Not too small
Just the size of Montreal

I remember chanting this old rhyme in school, but I’d never think of actually saying it at the door! I don’t think the old timers back home would have been very amused!

But Halloween was and still is a highlight I’m sure.  Nowadays kids get their parents to take them to the best neighbourhoods in cars, and almost treat shop.  In my old fogey days, we just went around our own community, and maybe the next one.  My community at the time consisted of about 65 people, so you’d expect that I didn’t get quite the haul of kids today.

But that’s not true, with a lot less kids, and everyone knowing everyone I still hauled home a huge bag of loot! Of course there were always a few dreaded apples (I mean I had an apple tree, why’d I want store apples?) But lots of great candy too.

Rockets, chips, and even those molasses candy that you could chew for days (I actually like those), salt water taffy, peppermint knobs, spearmint leaves.

Costumes were often just a mask, because the best we were likely to see was a paper store bought ones, and to be honest they didn’t fit well over a parka or ski-doo suit.  I remember one Halloween night walking down Ralph’s driveway and the snow blowing sideways, sticking to the fence palings.

I also remember my most favorite idea I ever had, being the geek that I am, I tried to dress as the half black half white charatcers from the Star Trek episode Let That be Your Last Battle Field.

Anyway, I hope you got lots of ghosts and goblins last night and that everyones kids had a great time.  I know the kid in me did 🙂

If you’re not gonna share…

In 1973, the “New” school on Random Island opened. Originally called Random Island Integrated, its now called Random Island Academy. In Grade 11, I was part of the drama club that put off a, in pretty much everyones opinion, great play called Riverrun, semi based on a book of the same name about the Beothuks.  I am not sure, but I think the play may have been written by our teacher, Ray Budgell, but I could be wrong, that was 1982 after all.  I have great memories of it, and while we didn’t win anything at the festival, I will always feel we won in the court of public opinion, and look back fondly on our performance.

Some of our practices broke down into some riotous laughter for sure.  There was one day I could not keep a straight face at Evan Reid’s town crier saying Hear Ye, Hear Ye.  And one other practice where Virginia Smith said “Me fell down to me knees” or something like that.

I was also proud to be a member of the Crusader Basketball team in Grade 10. I was quite good at keeping that bench warm, and got to visit quite a number of places for tournaments.

Was lucky to be a bench warmer for some great players too, we went to the provincials that year, and if memory serves, missed out on the playoffs by score differential of 2 baskets. I have no illusions about my abilities, but I am happy I got to participate, and also look back on that fondly.

Our coach, Rod Nichol, was also our gym teacher, and our Biology teacher, and this particular memory relates to the latter.

Rod had a terrific sense of humour, I remember the correct answer to a multiple choice question “An example of osmosis is…” being Mork’s finger (Mork and Mindy for all you young whippersnappers, look it up).  Another great memory relates to the title.  Like all teens, we weren’t above sneaking a snack into the classroom, which of course wasn’t allowed, a rule enforced more by some teachers than others.  Well this one Biology class in Grade 10, Jennifer Adey had a bag of candy in class, and was caught eating them by Mr. Nichol (Rod). Of course he yelled at her, and promptly confiscated the candy.

But the funny part is instead of keeping them in the desk to give back later as was normal, he took the bag around the class and shared the candy with everyone but Jen! I don’t think there was one left at the end.  Well Jen, if you’re not gonna share…. see what happens?