We don’t want no stinkin Kool-Aid!

No way siree bob! Back when we were kids, we didn’t get no fancy schmancy kool-aid! We had freshie and we liked it! I still remember the little packages stacked in their boxes on the shelf at the CO-OP in Clarenville.  I’m sure the flavours had names too, but no one called freshie by its flavour name.  You had red freshie, or purple freshie, or orange or green.  I also remember Mom had these little Tupperware popsicle things, and we’d pour the freshie in those and have our own popsicles.  Tasted so much like a Mr. Freeze!

I’m not sure why it was the drink of choice for us, I assume it was likely cheaper, and maybe promoted a little more locally as I’ve since found out it was a Canadian product.



Thinking back on drinks, we also had the legendary Tang.  I remember reading that tang was developed for the space program, but I’m not sure how true that is.  What you may not remember though is that Tang also came in other flavours  Yes we had grape and red tang back in the day.  (Red is so a flavour! Stop arguing!)

Anyway a brief memory from today when someone mentioned something was tangy!  Anyone remember any other little things like this that bring back memories?