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    When I first started school, we were bussed to a school called Balbo Elementary in Shoal Harbour, named after an Italian General who landed and departed from there in the 1930’s.  I can’t say I remember much about school there, nothing memorable right now anyway, but I do remember this one huge bump on the ride home that made us all come out of our seats, more so I bet because it was only a few people on a mostly empty bus, so less weight.  Anyway, I remember it well, I swear I once hit my head on the roof, tho my memory may be faulty (perhaps from the bump?)

    Raised in outport Newfoundland in a town of 65 people, I pursued a post secondary diploma in Information Technology right out of High School.

    I’ve always been a geek at heart, but yet I love the rural life I grew up with. Fishing, hunting, camping and the great outdoors are still loves of mine, even if I don’t pursue them as often as I once did. Sports were always a big part of our lives, and I played many (badly) and loved them all.

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