Church in Small Towns

While I’m no avid church goer, the church of years ago was more than about the service.  Each small town had its own church, with unbelievable amounts of local work and wealth (or lack of wealth) invested in it.

I remember the pulpit and pews in our old church probably cost more than the town made in a year, tho I really have no idea where they came from. Perhaps they were made my locals, it was all before my time.

I remember each week a family had a “turn”.  If it was your turn, you had to light and maintain the fire in the old old wood stove, as well as provide wood, and ring the bell.  Yes it had a bell, attached to an old rope pull, and as a kid, it was actually a treat to be the one to go ring it a half hour or so before service.

After the service was over, people would hang out outside and socialize for quite sometime, and traditionally most would invite the minister home for lunch/dinner. Of course when he accepted your invite the parents tried to have the kids be on their best behaviour.  Not really sure that part ever worked with me!