Lion’s Fall Fair

It’s not quite fall yet, but school has started and the nights have started to cool off (thankfully, need it for sleeping!) so it’s getting closer. Back before I moved away, and quite possibly still, the Random Lion’s Club used to put off a fall fair as a fundraiser, and for that matter a fun raiser!

Its amazing how time flies by, and I can’t even remember much about it now, but I do remember there being games of chance (crown and anchor anybody?), food (fish n brewis I think? Moose burgers maybe?) and the highlight (for some anyway, young boys/men included) a queen of the fair competition.  I can still see Warren Brooking, Bert Crummey, Allison Bugden, and many others I’ve not seen (and in some cases won’t again) in years.

I am pretty sure there was also a vegetable show and sale, perhaps with prizes? I don’t rightly remember, but I do remember seeing some nice Newfoundland Blue potatoes (mail me some!), and of course carrots, turnips, cabbages etc.

But most of all, it was a social event, a “time” if you will, a time for everyone, young and old to get together and shoot the breeze, have fun, and celebrate.

Anyone have memories to share?