Bread Pudding

Newfoundlanders, like everyone else, like something sweet to follow up a meal.  While in my time, store bought things were available, not so many years before, access to store bought sweets, or packaged items was a rarity.  As necessity is the mother of invention, scarcity is the mother of improvisation, and people found ways to make do.

A favorite treat growing up was bread custard, or bread pudding.  If there’s a a difference I don’t know what it is, I grew up using the terms interchangeably.  But its essentially bread crumbs, milk, eggs and sugar I believe  mixed together and baked in the oven.  Served with a home made brown sugar sauce, or blueberry sauce, it was a yummy end to a traditional Newfoundland meal.

If anyone has pictures or a recipe or both, let me know, I’ll add to this post!