Traditional Food

Bread Pudding

Newfoundlanders, like everyone else, like something sweet to follow up a meal.  While in my time, store bought things were available, not so many years before, access to store bought sweets, or packaged items was a rarity.  As necessity is the mother of invention, scarcity is the mother of improvisation, and people found ways to make do.

A favorite treat growing up was bread custard, or bread pudding.  If there’s a a difference I don’t know what it is, I grew up using the terms interchangeably.  But its essentially bread crumbs, milk, eggs and sugar I believe  mixed together and baked in the oven.  Served with a home made brown sugar sauce, or blueberry sauce, it was a yummy end to a traditional Newfoundland meal.

If anyone has pictures or a recipe or both, let me know, I’ll add to this post!

Meat Cakes!

Growing up in Newfoundland, one of our staples of course was cod, and to keep it for winter, salt cod.  Cooking salt cod also generally led to fish cakes for leftovers, and these are still one of my favorite foods.

But another staple for many was canned corn beef, and corn beef hash.  Combining the ideas from these two staples leads to ….. Meat Cakes! Fry some onion, mash some left over potato, mix it with some canned corned beef, form into patties and fry, and yum! We’d generally serve with bread, mixed pickles, pickled beets.

This post brought to you by today’s supper. 🙂