Stylin and Profilin… In my North Stars and GWG’s

When you go to Sport Chek or similar places, there are more brands of sneakers than you can count.  Same with jeans.  There are stores that specialize in them.

Growing up back home though there were very few available.  And of course we all got them at the Chain Store.  I remember later on, I saved a lot of money and bought a pair of Brooks from Roses Plumbing and Heating (Yes, I’m serious, the plumbing store sold sneakers).

Of the sneakers available to us were the old canvas high tops with the rubber thing right at the ankle bone.  I’m sure they were modelled after Converse, but I really don’t remember if they were real Converse or not. Then there were Cougars.  They were usually more like shoes than sneakers though.  But the one we all likely remember best are North Stars, with their distinctive double stripes.  Whether intentional or not, they kind of look like Adidas.  And of course we all had them for gym. and beating around. and everything.

And of course with our fancy shoes, we all had to have designer jeans to match.  And what else would we wear but GWGs.  The letters stood for Great Western Garment company. The Levis of Canada. I still remember the stitching on the pockets.  Similar to levis, but swooping down to make a loop below.  I know there were a few other options.  Like Levis for one, and Wranglers for another.  But I can’t remember any others now to be honest.

And of course we got them at the Chain Store too.  I mean where else was there?

Anyone remember any other brands? Anyone still have any?