• Cod au Gratin

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    Cod au Gratin
    Creamy cheesy fish goodness!
    Course Main Course
    Course Main Course
    1. Chop onion into bite size bits
    2. Saute onion in butter in a 4 quart saucepan
    3. When onion starts to turn translucent, stir in flour slowly, being careful not to burn, to make a thick paste
    4. slowly stir in milk and continue to cook until it thickens (10-15 minutes)
    5. remove from heat and stir in about 3/4 of the cheddar. Will melt from heat of the sauce.
    6. Wash cod, and pat dry on paper towel
    7. Add cod to glass baking dish
    8. pour sauce over, and spread evenly
    9. sprinkle remaining cheddar on top
    10. Bake at 375 for approximately 45 minutes
    Recipe Notes

    Just some notes:

    • Add more or less cheddar to individual tastes
    • season cod as desired before adding sauce. We don't cook with salt, but do add pepper
    • We often cook a little longer because we don't preheat.  Keep an eye out, cheddar on top should be golden brown, and sauce bubbling well.
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    2 thoughts on “Cod au Gratin

    • Yum! I modify the recipe in a couple of ways. 1-I cook the onions longer and slower to carmelize them first; takes about an our hour with the burner set on 2 out of 10. 2-O add a pinch of savoury to the mix; just a pinch or two and 3-I sprinkle on a layer of breadcrumbs before adding the cheese.

    • psmithca says:

      Thanks! I’ve tried the breadcrumbs, I personally don’t care for the crunch, but others will I’m sure!

      Thanks for the comments!

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