This commercial is for Newfoundland tourism, and talks about all the dialects we have back home.  I know there’s people I met from back home that I couldn’t understand.  And I know out near Port aux Port they speak with french accents, even if they don’t speak french.  I also remember my buddy Dave Quinton telling me he met people out there that spoke with french sentence structure. “Throw the baby down over the stairs a bottle” was one such expression.


But we also have more sayings and word usages that are unique, and for most of us we probably don’t even realize it.  Not gonna define these, but I’m sure all Newfoundlanders will recognize them, you CFA‘s ask if you want to know!

  • I’m gonna give you a klout up the side of the head!
  • Poverty, and the devil throwing rocks at it.
  • you’re some stunned
  • where you longs to?
  • your hair is like a birch broom in the fits!
  • Now d’wonce
  • arn?
  • born tired
  • I’m gutfounded!
  • Lard dyin! You got the stove on siz, take the side outta her!
  • whoever knit you dropped a stitch
  • what odds?
  • I squat all me chips!
  • De arse is gone right outta her
  • Caplin weather
  • Mauzy old day
  • he’s some hard ticket
  • you’re gonna get a tannin (thanks Eric)

I know there’s a ton not coming to mind now, I’ll update this one sometimes, and comment on any you remember!