Weird Decorations!

Someone on twitter recently posted about Icy Squares, and that reminded me of a couple things…

  1. Bernard making hot chocolate with a mess melted in it (The result wasn’t good)
  2. Icy Cups – specifically the little cups themselves!

Well not on their own really, but as part of a weird, odd, or poor man’s decoration.

I remember back in school, washing the little cups and using our fingernails, or a coin or something, flattening them into discs.  Used to remind me of those we’d use to nail on roofing shingles, but that’s a different topic.

We’d take a mess of these, cut a slit in each about half way through, and then tape them end to end to form a garland.  Not necessarily a long one, but more often a hanging one of a foot or so long.  I really don’t remember if we did this at home, or at school, or just because we didn’t have the internet!

Another thing we used to do was take catalogs and fold the pages to make a lantern.  Fold one page lengthwise back into the fold, then the next, fold the corners in to make a triangle, and repeat for the whole catalog.  I really have no recollection of EVER hanging these anywhere, again might have been a boredom reliever! Would look similar to this, other than being a complete 360°.

And one more, I can’t say I did, but I remember seeing hanging in Verlie (sp?) Mills’ store in Shoal Harbour, was taking Wrigley’s gum boxes, pressing one end into the end of another, leaving the other stacked end on end, till you had a wheel.  I can’t find any pictures of anything similar, but I’m sure some people will remember.