• Meat Cakes

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    Meat Cakes
    Traditional recipe using corned beef formed into patties.
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Newfoundland
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Newfoundland
    1. Boil potatoes till cooked, then cool.
    2. peel and chop onion to preference. I like mine a little chunkier. Fry in butter till soft and tender.
    3. Add onion and butter to potato and mash together.
    4. Mash corned beef separately, then add to potato stirring together. (See picture for consistency)
    5. Add salt and pepper to taste
    6. Form into patties, sprinkle with flour and fry in butter or oil till golden brown
    Recipe Notes

    Goes great with mustard pickles!

    Note: For a more traditional taste, fry the patties in rendered salt back pork fat!

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    One thought on “Meat Cakes

    • Sandra says:

      My Mom made these at least once a week. We were a family of 8 kids and 2 parents. I loved them and also like corned beef ash made from the tin of corned beef onions and mashed potatoes. Yummy

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